Transforming to living accommodation

In recent years, Tweelwonen has proven itself as a partner for owners of vacant buildings that will be transformed from, for example, office space to residential or short-stay apartments. From the very beginning, Tweelwonen is involved in realizing the best possible transformation.

The advice on layout, execution etc., of course, depends on many factors, and Tweelwonen is able to think with the owner in this area. In several projects, Tweelwonen has also been a consultant to architects and municipalities.

The strength of a good transformation lies mainly in knowledge of the rental market and the creative dealings with possibilities and impossibilities.

The unique short stay concept of Tweelwonen is also perfect for transformed buildings. In some cases it is possible to receive tax-paid rent with all kinds of tax benefits for the owner of the building.

In addition, the various types of operating models, adapted to the needs of the building owner, make Tweelwonen an extremely strong partner.

If you intend to transform a vacant office building or other building in the Randstad to living space then contact us now.

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