Renting agent for hiring an apartment

Are you looking for accommodation to rent such an apartment, house, villa, room or studio for yourself or for yourexptas? At Tweelwonen you will discover the best range of familiar landlords. For years we are a leading rental agent and therefore rightly Winner of teh Award Property Broker of the Year 2016.

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Renting a house is not very easy. Do you want support in renting your new house? Please contact us and we will give you a non-committal advice.

Renting agent

  • If you hire Tweelwonen to act for you as a renting agent, we will execute the following tasks for you.
  • Identifying the Client’s search profile/residential wishes.
  • Searching for and selecting available homes which comply with the search profile/residential wishes. Full market search, so we will also check the properties from other reliable agencies.
  • Organising viewings and actually carrying out viewings
  • Arranging transport if needed
  • Arranging pickup and return of client if needed
  • Assessment of viewings with the Client.
  • Compiling a file on the Client on the basis of which the Client is presented as a prospective lessee to potential lessors.
  • Providing general information about the possibilities of finding a home, the local housing market, housing permits, housing allowances, rent protection
  • Negotiating on behalf of the Client with the lessor on the rent conditions such as the date of effect, rent, lease period, furnishings, maintenance and suchlike.
  • Written confirmation of made agreements with lessor
  • Drawing up a good lease, if needed also in English.
  • Providing explanation and answering any questions of the Client on the lease.
  • Arranging for signing of the lease by both parties.
  • Ensuring that the first payment to the lessor is made on time.
  • Organising handover of the home.
  • Drawing up a very professional inspection report (with photos) (including the meter readings, control keys, control inventory, listing defects).
  • Assisting in acquiring utilities and telephone/Internet services in the Client's name. 
  • Providing support for: maintenance contracts, removals, transport/purchase of fittings, looking for workers for painting work, wallpapering. Floor covering and such like
  • Addressing the lessor where necessary to comply with his obligations on commencement of the lease.
  • Being the first point of contact for the Client during the term of the lease.


A full month excluding vat agency fee (no cure no pay) if we rent a property via another real estate agent.