Renting out

Renting out is always customized with very different situatitions, we know how to advise you with our years of experience to rent your premises. Temporary lease period and indefinite leasing periods. 

We are specialized in the following types of real estate rentals: 
-Long-Stay(existing and new)
  • Bare housing
  • Semi-furnished
  • Fully furnished apartment and houses
  • All-in rentals 
-Rental of real estate investments
For pension funds, institutions and large investors, along with our property
management we offer a highly successful combination!
-Short Stay, all rentals for short lease. 
  • Perfect for the real estate investor with a vacant office buildings
  • Huge tax advantages by VAT taxed lease
  • From 3 apartments in one building you can go rent via Tweel Housing short stay. Ask for the possibilities
-Hotel room rentals. 
-Rental which are for sale by Dutch Law / Leegstands Wet. Rent out safely and use your house smoothly again upon your return.

We are a VBO affiliated agency, we meet one of the few agencies with all the requirements imposed on a rental broker. Rent ou safely through Tweelwonen. We work with the VBO Rent Check (Huur Check) so that you are sure of a proper lease transaction.

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